Movement Experiences

Constance Clare-Newman hosts and facilitates small-scale ecological movement experiences. Public participation in these somatic explorations is welcome and encouraged. Free and open to all. Call or email for directions.

Movement Experiences in Palm Springs – Fall 2017

Saturday October 28, 4pm, desert behind Indian Canyons Golf Resort

Sunday November, 11am, Ruth Hardy Park

Saturday December 30, 3pm, Coachella Valley Preserve

Movement Experiences in Provincetown – Summer 2016

Thursday June 30, 3pm low tide West End Dunes

Saturday July 23, 3pm high tide at Herring Cove

Friday August 19, 4pm mid-tide at Captain Jack’s beach


IMG_7675You are invited to participate with Constance Clare-Newman in this small-scale ecological movement performance. Public participation in this somatic exploration/movement meditation is welcome. 




We will enter and inhabit these natural sites to create a collaborative and responsive experience. Explore presence, engagement and human interaction with the environment and each other in a playful and curious way.

Inside the self, inside the landscape, outside the self, outside the landscape –experiment with a unique relationship between performers and audience.

To RSVP or for more info: