A. M., Bookkeeper

Constance Clare and the Alexander Technique literally saved my life. I had
an extremely painful and life threatening TMJ problem that had gotten worse
over a span of four years. I could only open my mouth as wide as a
number two pencil before major pain. I had to hold my mouth closed whenever
I yawned. Eating was an ordeal and often I’d have to stop
from pain, exhaustion and frustration. Consequently, I was starving all the
time. When it reached a point where I couldn’t drink without extreme pain, I
knew I was in big trouble and that I would have to visit a Western medical dentist.
The dentist took a few second’s look at my x-ray and said, “You will be
stuck with this for the rest of your life.” He then recommended an $800
night guard and a visit to a $4000 an hour (I kid you not) jaw specialist.

I went back to my chiropractor and she suggested checking out Alexander
Technique. A number of people recommended Constance and I went to see her
immediately. By the end of the session, I was deeply relaxed in a way I had
not felt in a long time. The unrelenting pain was gone and I could drink
and chew soft food again. The effects of Alexander lasted three days. The
second session’s effects lasted five days, and resulted in me being able to
open my mouth wide enough to brush my teeth with only a little discomfort
and no tears. By the third lesson the effects were lasting all week. The
home exercises, combined with the lessons, were kicking in. I was able to
actually eat real meals of regular food. A mile stone happened after the
sixth lesson where I was able to yawn without any pain. Another major mile
stone was after the tenth lesson. I had ordered a sandwich and it turned
out it was a large submarine version. I love subs and had not been able to
eat them for four years or more, so I decided to try it and see if my jaw
could handle it, and it did, no problem.

So what a dentist deemed incurable, Alexander Technique lessons cured within
two and a half months. Alexander teachers recommend at least ten lessons to
start and it was the right amount. It has been about one and a half years
now and my jaw is still fine.

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