Barbara Materna, Ph.D., CIH. Chief, Occupational Health Branch, California

Learning the Alexander Technique from Constance has helped me in all sorts
of ways. I am more conscious of how much ease (or lack of ease) I feel in
everything I do, from sitting in meetings to walking by the Bay. Once I
learned the basics, I have worked with Constance on my most challenging
activities; these include working on the computer, playing flute, doing
gardening work, and exercising. As a musician on a wind instrument, I am
now much more aware of where tension arises in my body and how it affects my
breath or causes my fingers to move less easily. I have learned some
techniques for relaxing prior to performing, to help overcome the
nervousness that typically could take over in negative ways. Last night I
played my first concert as first chair flutist in a symphonic band (meaning
that the solos were mine); I was able to stay relaxed, play well, and
enjoyed the performance thoroughly!

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