Colleen Orfuss, Director of Marketing

I have been taking Alexander lessons from Constance for a few months now. I didn’t know anything about Alexander before I started but was looking for a way to help relieve chronic shoulder and neck pain. Constance has shown me how to carry my whole body in a way that is easier, lighter and more free. I notice visible changes in my posture that are proof to me I am using my body in a more natural, efficient way. I have equally appreciated the mind and emotional influence as well – helping to identify how mental stress and tightness manifests itself in the body and how we move. Working to let this go has changed my outlook on many parts of my life. Constance is a highly skilled teacher with deep experience. A dancer herself she has used the Alexander techniques throughout her life as well. She has a gentle touch and intuitive and compassinate spirit. I would highly recommend Constance and Alexander.

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