Constance Clare-Newman


For 9 years, Constance taught Body Awareness & The Conscious Actor and Alexander Technique in the BA and MFA actor training program at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Since moving to Palm Springs, Constance is available for classes and workshops for actors. Grounded in Alexander work developed especially for actors, exploration of kinesthetic and proprioceptive senses and movement improvisation bring fresh discoveries that can be used directly in practice and performance.

Below are a few excerpts of student papers from AAU describing how they use the Alexander Technique in their work.

Grey Rodriguez, MFA:

As I continue to delve deeper into the craft of acting, I find that my preconceived notions towards the mechanics of it are constantly proved false. Since my earliest days on stage, I believed the only things that mattered in performance were what you said and how you said it. Body language, posture and way of moving had little to do with the telling of the story. After these few months, studying the Alexander Technique principles, I have become acutely aware of my body and how to train it to become a more effective performer.

Amanda Fraley, BFA:
I have more awareness of what my mind and body is capable of…Practicing a more neutral stance allows me to make more creative character choices…Being aware of all the conscious decisions and choices that are available to me has been extremely liberating.

Melanie Bass, BFA:

I really appreciated the Constructive Rest practice. It was challenging for me at first and I really hated it the first few weeks. I was uncomfortable lying on the ground because I couldn”t let my mind relax and that wouldn”t allow my body to relax. Once I started working with the exercise at home, I began to see the benefits of releasing tension before beginning many activities. Before rehearsing a monologue, I did the Constructive Rest. When I began working, I felt less stress and it was as though my body was released and was able to be physically receptive to what was happening emotionally…This is something I will definitely continue working with.