Lawrence Don Lowe, Building Manager

About seven years ago I lost a disc in my lower back. An MRI showed a thin black line where my disc should be. I worked with a doctor of record and physical therapists. Everybody agreed that my mobility would be impaired for the rest of my life. My left leg would stiffen up and there was lots odd pain feelings. Sometimes I would fall down, out of nowhere, boom to the floor. My condition rates for social security and workman’s comp. In November 2005, I decided to try the Alexander Technique. After my first lesson, I was walking away from Constance’s office with my left leg relaxed and my arms swinging as they should. WOW…. WOW. This is the first thing anybody has showed me since I’ve been in the medical system that worked. Yes, the absolutely first thing that any person treating my condition, showed me that worked. I’ve taken about 6 lessons now and it is getting better all the time. I have been able to change my posture so I can continue to walk. I can sit down normally, instead of launching myself at a chair. I can get up from a chair with no pain or stiffness. I have been able to type for pages. I can stand for a long time with no problems. I am not tired after normal day-to-day activities. Now about Constance. I have seen lots of professionals and Constance Clare-Newman ranks right up there with the best. She is able to isolate an improper movement and show me the correct movement and I learn it. Frankly it is great to be in her presence. I believe if I had started the Alexander Technique with Constance five years ago, I would be very close to running up and down a flight of stairs at full speed with no pain; and I am sure I would be riding my bicycle.

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