Less Effort, More Ease

When you re-train yourself to use the minimum amount of effort that is necessary in an activity, you experience the activity and yourself as much easier than before.

Even something as simple as doing the dishes can be done with bunched up muscles, raised shoulders and tight legs or softer musculature, free joints, and balanced mobility. The former contributes to a state of being that is rushed and tense; the latter to a state of ease and spaciousness.

Next time you notice yourself using more effort than needed for the task at hand, pause for a second and send some messages from your brain through your nervous system to your musculo-skeletal system: I’d like my neck/head relationship to be easy and balanced. I’d like to use just the right amount of muscle tone for this activity, and notice how that makes my joints move freer. I’d like to invite a state of non-hurry into my being.

Notice that your invitations to yourself are clear intentions to un-do excess action or effort, not pushy demands.

Gentle clear intentions always work best.

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