Madeline Aranda, English Teacher

While spending five years working my way through grad school and teaching as an adjunct lecturer in several locations, I experienced an acceleration of pain from repetitive stress injury and TMJ. I kept telling myself that I would get better as soon as I adjusted to the work load and felt more confident, but obviously hoping for ease and experiencing it are not the same thing. I feel so fortunate to be studying the Alexander Technique with Constance. With great ease and presence, she guides me with directions that subtly encourage the reality of the moment to emerge. She listens at a deep level, inviting inquiry, offering imagery, and always showing me that there is movement and fluidity even in stillness. Patterns of chronic pain have scattered onto learning opportunities that require my awareness, inhibition of the automatic and re-direction. I am moving beyond mere recovery from stress through mindful resting to experiencing breath and spaciousness during challenging moments.

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