Melissa L., Videographer

For years I’ve had tension headaches due to poor posture. I knew I needed to work on my posture but felt overwhelmed at the idea of retraining years of sitting and standing habits so I was reluctant to get started. My husband recommended I look into trying Alexander Technique and a quick search led me to Constance who is based nearby.

I loved working with Constance from the very first lesson. She welcomed me into her cozy studio and I immediately felt at home in her warm, relaxed presence. I began feeling better after incorporating things she showed in in my very first lesson. I signed up for 10 lessons and began seeing her once or twice a week. Each week we built on what was learned before and I began to have a real shift in the way I held and used my body — even friends and family started comment. Best of all, I had a big reduction in my headaches which went from being almost daily to just a few times a month.

A few years went by and I decided to start seeing Constance again to refresh and work on my Alexander Technique. Again I felt a big shift after the very first lesson.

I feel so grateful to have found Constance and had the opportunity to work with her.  I look forward to my lessons with her each week! Not only has she shown me how to begin to undo all these old habits and to use my body with more ease, she’s also shown me how to approach this work with curiosity and gentleness. She’s an amazing teacher!

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