Nicole Napientek, Registered Dietitian, MPH

I started out working with Constance for chronic pain in my hip and back and numbness in my leg that started after a car accident. I didn’t know what to expect, and I felt a shift in my body after only one session. I’ve been doing weekly sessions for the last 4 months and I feel better in my body now than I can remember. Each session I feel more in touch with my body, and a sense that I’m whole, that my mind and body are not separate. Beyond just the physical aspect, I have felt an unfolding or “undoing” as Constance would say of more than just my physical tension, it’s like an undoing of all the effort I put out in the world to be me. Somehow, I just don’t have to try anymore and the physical, emotional, and spiritual whole of who I am can just be. I don’t know how working on my posture has ignited and awakened all of this, but it has and I’m forever grateful to have Constance as a teacher in the Alexander Technique. I would recommend even just one session to anyone, I believe we could all benefit in some way from even just an hour of Alexander Technique.

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