Nikki Ben-Natan, Musician

When I discovered last year that I suffer from ‘Carpel Tunnel’, I thought this is the end of my career as both a sound engineer and musician. The Alexander Technique not only enabled me to continue doing the things I love, it has also contributed tremendously to a positive change I my life, both physically and mentally: I cut down my smoking drastically, my Arthritis and muscle pain has decreased dramatically and I am generally more relaxed and happy. I am able to recognize and change destructive patterns in my life, slowly but surely. I can definitely recommend the technique to everyone who would like to improve their use of their body, and for all who suffer from joint and muscle problems.
5 years later, Nikki writes to me:
I thought about you with a lot of gratitude during my retreat, as some of the concepts of Vipassana certainly rang a bell with my knowledge of the Alexander Technique. So thank you for introducing me to all those wonderful concepts I still carry with me. Needless to say, I still practice those ideas in countless activities throughout my day, from driving to cooking to playing music. I wouldn’t be anything near where I am today if it wasn’t for the lessons I took from you 6 years ago!

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