One-Minute Practice: Gentle Head/Neck Balance

A gentle balance of your head on top of your spine can be an ongoing practice anywhere, anytime.

A gentle balance suggests that it is not necessary to hold the head in position with neck muscles. The skull is meant to sit delicately on top of the spine, resting on the atlas, a wide vertebrae with special notches for the base of the skull.

The muscles of the neck are layered, some long reaching down to the sternum, some tiny, around the base of the skull. At the top of the back of the neck, they are delicate, overlapping in a crisscross pattern. The actual head/neck joint is deep within the skull, between the ears, behind the roof of the mouth.

If you think of softening and allowing a sense of space behind the roof of the mouth, you may feel an easier balance of your head on top of your spine. Gently move your attention to the long muscles of the neck. Notice how they attach at the back of the skull and wrap around the sides of the neck to end up attaching to the sternum. Follow the pathway with your attention. Can you allow some deeper sensory information into your awareness?

Now intend that your skull releases up easily away from your tailbone. Practice a subtle nodding yes, from the very-high-up spot, and see if you can sense spaciousness there.

An easy balance of head on top of neck influences other movements for the better. Allowing a gentle balance also encourages a easier state of mind. Remember, you can practice this anywhere, anytime.


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