One-Minute Practice: The Embodied Zone

Move from the Anxiety Zone (scattered attention, racing thoughts, racing heart, sweating, repetitive negative thoughts, difficulty with focusing) to the Embodied Zone: present and aware, engaged and easy, challenged and calm, strong and soft, open and ready.

To come out of the anxiety zone, try focusing on your sensory awareness which will slow down racing, anxious thoughts and return time to “normal speed.”

Observe three things with soft eyes in your environment. Notice shape, color and texture.
Close your eyes and listen to three sounds—either in the room or outside the room.
Notice three things about your sense of touch and/or weight. How does your body touch the chair? What does your shirt feels like on your skin? Is the air cool or warm?
Notice your proprioception (your internal sense of balance and muscle effort.) Where do you feel a little bit easy in your muscles? Where do you feel a little sense of space in your joints?

Experiment with some micro-movement as you invite a gentle springiness into your being. Move in a way that feels yummy to you.

Notice yourself in space, and the space around you.

Allow easy full breath gently in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. Notice your breath with no need to change anything. You can be breathed.

What is deeply important to you? Let that bubble up.

What do you notice in your state of being now?

As you practice coming back to yourself, to your embodied zone—you will be re-wiring your brain, and you will get closer to building the skill of presence.

BTW, the Creative Zone is pretty much the same as the Embodied Zone—relaxed and ready, engaged and easy, challenged and enjoying.

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