Pleasure, not Perfection

We are all dealing with the fight/flight /freeze pattern to some extent every day. Whether it comes from deadlines, traffic, noisy neighbors or from internal expectations of perfection, this contractive pattern is human.

If we can bring our habitual reaction of tightening and contracting into our awareness, then we can take a moment to pause, to rest in acceptance, and then to choose an expansive response.
We can choose something more effective, which also happens to be more pleasurable. Pleasure in stillness and in movement can often be a guide toward efficiency, and grace.
As you read this, ask yourself—Can I let my head balance with delicacy at the top of my spine? Can I let the floor (and chair) really support me? Can I sense my whole back? Can I allow my torso to respond three-dimensionally to my breath? Would a smidgen of internal mobility feel good in this stillness?
(If you answer no to these questions, it is time to take a break! If you can take 20 minutes, listen to this:  )
If you answer yes, what else would feel good?
How about releasing my hands into spaciousness, even as I type or mouse? Letting my eyes, mouth, jaw soften? How about taking a couple of seconds to let my deepest values come into my awareness?

As you move into other daily tasks, can you let that movement be pleasurable? Ask yourself—What pace would feel good right now? Can I hold my pen (or cup, or tool, or instrument) with a little less effort? If so, can I sense how it creates ease elsewhere in myself? If I give up my pre-conceived idea of perfect posture or form, and rather, invite a pleasurable balance, what does that do? What would it be like to stay connecting with ease and grace and pleasure even in the challenging moments?

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