The Alexander Technique teaches awareness of unnecessary tension and effort and how to optimize balance in sitting, standing, walking, even in high heels. With an integrated head/neck/back/breath relationship, the spine is elongated, and the limbs swing freely.  Confidence, comfort and balance affects state of mind and body!

SF City Hall

SF City Hall

Most people sit, stand and move with too much compression on various parts of the body, and not enough length in other parts. Especially the forward head position so common these days—the head is poked forward and the neck and head are compressed onto the spine, causing excess pressure, all the way to the lower back.

Most people think of posture as an external shape, but the Alexander Technique is more about Un-posturing—removing superficial holding, and coming into a natural balance. Once you learn this ideal balance in sitting, standing and walking, you can apply that grace to all your movement and moods. As you learn to consistently embody wholeness, you develop an easier relationship to your body and mind.

You let go of “putting on a front,” and learn to stay present in your authentic self in joyful and stressful situations.

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Life Just Got Easier—

Feel better, stand taller, walk freely—

with the balanced poise of the Alexander Technique

Enjoyable class that explores new ways to ease up on your body.

Constance shares principles and practices from this 100-year-old mind-body method. Group exercises explore posture, movement and breath from the inside out. Hands-on guidance helps you release excess tension, decompress your spine and tune into your natural balance and ease.

Great for clubs and groups!