The Alexander Technique is excellent in helping to recover from (or prevent!) Repetitive Strain Injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The student builds awareness of excess contraction or strain that people unknowingly add to repetitive movements. Bringing the principles of releasing the compression to small, precise movements changes the contractive habits that contribute to pain and then these activities can be performed with comfort.

The Technique teaches you to:

  • Become aware of and prevent habits of tension.
  • Change your stress reactions to the RSI symptoms.
  • Reduce pressure on joints.
  • Make new choices.

Taking Alexander lessons is a practical, constructive approach that can be applied in your daily life rather than a set of exercises to be done over and above your normal commitments. You learn that in any moment you truly have a choice to react with your old level of tension or in a new way.

Pain caused by postural habits, like slouching or trying to “stand up straight,” or by injury compensations, can seem to be hard-wired. But re-wiring is possible and pain can be relieved by learning new habits. You can learn to de-compress and release unnecessary muscular tension, creating more resilient tissues and freer movement.

As you learn to tune into your body’s signals and build sensory awareness, you find that releasing extra tension and effort can lessen pain and rebalance your whole being. As you practice moving mindfully with the Alexander principles, you are able to better manage pain and prevent future flare-ups.

An Alexander Technique teacher is a highly trained movement and posture professional. When you go for an Alexander lesson, Constance observes how you move, sit and function. She then pinpoints compressive movement habits and helps you release them, enabling you to sit and move more efficiently and comfortably. Such changes can relieve pain and often solve the problem entirely. Taught in private individually tailored sessions, the Technique is cost-efficient and non-invasive, with no adverse side effects. With the unique, soothing Alexander touch, Constance can help you access an untapped reservoir of physical freedom, ease and embodied wholeness.