Texting in Balance

Take a moment to pick up and look at your phone. Notice what you did with your head, face, neck, shoulders.
No judgment, just awareness.

Put it down, and this time, as you pick it up, think of letting your fingers lead your arm toward it, and pick it up softly, feeling the weight and texture of it. Hold it a little higher than usual, by allowing your upper arm to rest easily at your side, but bending your elbow a bit more to bring phone closer to your head.

Notice that you are a whole embodied being; you can text and still be connected with your undivided self. Be aware of what you are doing with head, neck, back, legs, feet and breath. How are you distributing your energy?

As you look at your phone, try moving your eyes first and letting your head tilt on top of the your spine. Remember that your spine goes from your tailbone all the way up to just behind your nose. You can nod your head from the top of the spine rather than dropping your head forward into the phone, bringing your neck forward and down too. As you stay open and long across the front of you, your breath will flow freely, and your sense of wellbeing will too.

As you use your fingers to swipe, tap or text, how little energy is needed? When we are hurrying, hands often get contracted and tense, leaving little space for the nerves, tendons, blood flow. Think of allowing space in the little wrist and finger joints, openness across your palms and delicate movement of your fingers.

When you find yourself drawn forward and downward into that little contraption again, put it down for one second, become conscious of your whole self in length, width and depth, and begin again, with ease.

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