A new program for treatment centers—

Embody Wholeness Movement Classes teach recovering people somatic tools for mind-body integration. Students are supported to embody their whole being in an enjoyable and safe environment.

These classes can be offered in an indoor nurturing space or an outdoor adventure space.

With guided mindful movement and body/breath awareness exercises, students learn how to quiet their own nervous system. From a soft, quiet space, students are led into moving with full bodied and expressive actions. In these classes, there is no wrong way to move. Classes are playful, supportive and life enhancing.

It is well known that full-bodied movement and creative expression lead to an enhanced mood. It is less well known that embodied practice leads to a more integrated Self. As a student gets more aware and present in her body, she can begin notice her patterns. She can learn to manage uncomfortable sensations in class and slowly build the capacity to manage external and internal stressors outside of class. Embodied movement can be a path to balance—in posture, in movement, in mood and in mind.

In ongoing classes, students can learn to use these mind-body practices outside of class to support their recovery. Healthy self-care is absent in most addicts and these classes are designed to teach tools that are both practiced in class and taken into daily lives.

Classes can include choreography in which the class works together to design a movement and/or theater piece about their recovery, cultivating trust, communication, personal responsibility and creativity.

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