Online Group Classes 


Online private lessons are a fun and effective approach to learning about your best way of being in the world.

Together, we will take a problem-solving approach to your challenges. Gently, your relationship with your mind-body self will change, as I coach you through practices that will help you replace habits of stress, tension or anxiety with the skills of self-regulating, centering and ease of movement.

Here are some ways I can help you—
  • In your office space, (or kitchen table) I can help you explore how you work at your computer or laptop with balance and comfort.
  • In your kitchen, I can show you how to chop vegetables and wash dishes with ease and efficiency.
  • With your instrument, I can help you practice with both relaxation and alertness, ease and liveliness.
  • On your meditation cushion, I can help you sit upright, in balance and in comfort.
  • Sitting while on Zoom meetings?    I can help you with presence, so that you can use your face, eyes and voice with ease and sustainability.

During your first online session, we will:

  • Discuss what brings you — pain, stress, skill enhancement, well-being
  • Talk about your goals and what improvements I think will be possible from our work together
  • Explore your head/neck joint in sitting and standing
  • Build awareness of breath
  • Practice releasing tension and un-doing muscular contraction
  • Compare and contrast balanced states of being
  • Come up with a plan for you to practice on your own

Over the course of a series of online sessions, we will:

  • Learn basic Alexander Technique practices and principles
  • Explore returning to centered states of being.
  • Practice using your new skills in activities you choose, whether working at a desk, preparing a meal, having a difficult conversation, singing, playing an instrument or doing yoga.
  • Learn about natural and efficient breathing, and how breath work supports you as you move through your day.
  • Check in on your progress: What’s working? Where you need support?
  • Design specific practices for your future independent work
  • What does it mean to embody wholeness in your life?

Cost: $70 per 30-minute session

Easy payment through PayPal 

Skype, Zoom and FaceTime supported

Email or call to schedule a session: or 510-219-5097