Alexander Technique in Provincetown, MA with Constance Clare-Newman

I am back to teaching in-person lessons!

I continue to offer private lessons on Zoom, and donation-based group practices online.  

People do not decide their futures; they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.
— F. M. Alexander

The Alexander Technique as taught by Constance Clare-Newman leads you through an individual path to embody wholeness in your posture, movement, breath, in your everyday life, and in the things that are most important to you. 

What we Practice, we Become.

Learning the Alexander Technique is like re-learning your native language, a language you used to know but have forgotten from lack of use. You have the sense of coming home to your self, with ease and comfort in your body and mind.

As a mind-body practice of self care, the Alexander Technique is more about un-doing what doesn’t work than about adding new rules and exercises. For over 100 years, performing artists have been using the Technique to release habits of tension and to boost skill and performance. Once you learn the principles, they stay with you, and you can practice returning to center and ease in all of your life’s activities.

The Alexander Technique offers a clear, systematic look into the underlying principles that govern human posture and movement and shows you how to use your body more effectively. How we use our body affects our overall functioning. When you have tension, it affects your whole balance of well being, just like if a piano is out of tune, all the music played on it will be out of tune. It is the same with people—your habits affect everything that you do—from dinner conversation, to working at a computer, to running, to playing an instrument or dancing.

Pain Relief and Pain Management.

Pain caused by postural habits, like slouching or trying to “stand up straight,” or by injury compensations, can seem to be hard-wired. But re-wiring is possible and pain can be relieved by learning new habits. You can learn to de-compress and release unnecessary muscular tension, becoming less easier, creating more resilient tissues and freer movement.

As you learn to tune into your body’s signals and build sensory awareness, you find that releasing extra tension and effort can lessen pain and rebalance your whole being. As you practice moving mindfully with the Alexander principles, you are able to better manage pain and prevent future flare-ups.

While learning to access the ideal relationship between the head, neck and back from the inside-out, you refine body awareness, spatial awareness, movement awareness and release of tension. Breathwork calms the nervous system and long-held patterns of movement, posture, breath and voice can be released while new patterns of whole being balance emerge. As capacity for somatic embodiment increases, you learn to respond with choice rather than react from habit.

Constance Clare-Newman has been teaching this unique hands-on method for 20  years. Constance is a highly trained (1800 hours over 3 years) professional who teaches private lessons and group classes in Palm Springs, CA., and in Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA in the summers, and travels for workshops.

Online, Constance teaches practices for calming anxiety and mind-body centering.