Constance Clare-Newman

Constance Clare-Newman helps people to lessen their own tension and pain through education rather than therapy or exercise. Posture from the Inside-Out is something that everyone can learn.

“Many of my students come with back or neck pain or some kind of repetitive stress injury. They are amazed to find out how much influence they have on their own pain, just by using their body more efficiently.”

Personable and easygoing, Constance is available for interview and can discuss:

1) Back pain relief by education rather than therapy or medication.
Learning how to sustain a better posture through daily activities like sitting at a computer or walking the dog lessens muscle tension and joint compression.

2 )What if everything you learned about good posture was wrong?
A balanced postural state versus a rigid position to hold. “Standing up straight and pulling the shoulders back” actually puts us out of ideal alignment.

3) Ergonomics-beneficial but limited.
Even with the best ergonomic chair, if you slump, you put undue pressure on joints and nerves. If you “sit up straight” you are probably over-arching your lower back, creating muscle strain and tightness.

4) How subconscious habits get in our way.
Many people are unaware of their habitual patterns, because they are so used to their familiar way of being.

With a first career as a horse trainer and a second career as a modern dancer, Constance is an expert on movement and an experienced teacher. Since becoming an Alexander Technique teacher over 15 years ago, Constance has helped not only performers and athletes, but also computer users and homemakers use their bodies better during their everyday activities. Teaching people to embody wholeness is the best job ever!

For more information and resources, contact Constance Clare-Newman at: 510-219-5097 or