Private lessons in person in Provincetown, MA and Palm Springs, CA.

Private lessons on Zoom, and free or donation-based group practices online.

Individual lessons are the best way to learn the Alexander Technique. Ideally students take somewhere between 10 and 30 one-on-one lessons over a period of several months, yet even one or two lessons can give new insights, possibilities, relieve pain and create change.

In lessons, we begin with specific challenges that each individual has, like dealing with back pain management, or sitting without pain at the computer, or playing an instrument with less tension. Your lessons will always be unique to you, since you are a unique individual with patterns of posture and movement that come from your unique history.

Constance has developed a curriculum over the years that works best in a series of 10 lessons. Handouts are given at each lesson and “homework,” or rather “home play,” is encouraged to integrate the new practices into daily life.

Every student is different; we all come with varied conditions, histories and habits. We may have very different goals, so there is no generic formula. What may be right for one person could be wrong for another. Call for a free consultation. Private lessons are $135. Buy a series of 10 lessons, get 20% off: $1,080. Buy a series of 5 lessons, get 10% off: $607. (Ask about sliding scale.)

Constance is in Provincetown June through September 2023 and works out of Jen Kopec’s space, Renegade Bodyworks, located on Commercial Street in the Whaler’s Wharf, 237 Commercial St on 2nd floor. Winter 2023/24 back in Palm Springs area.

 Introductory Workshops and Specialty Workshops can be a great way to get a crash course in the fundamentals of the Alexander Technique. Working in groups has its own benefits and students learn a lot from each other as they support each other’s practice. Learning the Alexander Technique in conjunction with a performance art, sport, or other activity focuses the work. Constance offers different classes and workshops throughout the year. Check on Classes and Workshops page or call to find out about the next one. or 510-219-5097

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