Increase your presence, power and range as a performer.

Learn how to tune-up your instrument for auditions and performances.

Transform stage fright into stage readiness.

Maximize your genetic range!

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Effective Practice, Embodied Performance

Introduction to the Alexander Technique

_D3_1038 copyNo matter what you practice, it is the HOW of your practice that determines the quality of your performance.

The specific Alexander principles of head/neck/back/breath coordination determine the organization of the rest of the body. Stripping away unconscious over-effort leads to a deeper awareness and ability to find balance, support, and efficiency—and ultimately prevent injury.

This class includes movement, breath and body explorations. Bring an instrument, piece or movement to explore. Everyone will receive individual hands-on guidance, group feedback and practices to help you work on your own.

Work smarter, not harder—for more expression and less tension. Embody Wholeness in Performance.