For athletes involved in sports as diverse as long-distance running, sprinting, swimming, basketball, and golf, the benefits that come with training in the Alexander Technique are increased speed, accuracy, efficiency, stamina and calmness under pressure. Athletes with chronic injuries can learn to keep injuries at bay as they learn the skills of refined kinesthesia and proprioception, economy of effort and a greater control of balance and coordination.

Alexander Technique lesson in running

Alexander lesson in running

Every athlete can benefit by learning to optimize the primary pattern of movement for all vertebrates and learning to use movement principles that do not add unnecessary tension, stress and over-effort.

In athletic activities, we often deal with ingrained habits of over-work and too much tension, which interfere with our best performance. When we add the challenges involved in learning a new skill or the pressure of competition, (exactly the time when economy of action and an absence of tension would be most desirable) these habits are accentuated. The habits of daily practice will be the habits of the most important performance.

When pain and injuries occur, lessons in the Alexander Technique aid recovery by the process of non-interference of muscular tightening and non-compensation in other parts of the body.

With improved embodiment of the whole psycho-physical self, an athlete becomes a more finely-tuned instrument and produces a higher quality performance.

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