Alexander Technique in Provincetown, MA with Constance Clare-Newman

The Alexander Technique is a hands-on method that teaches people about ideal posture, movement, and breath.                

Lessons focus on how you do the daily activities that matter most to you.

As you learn to optimize the primary pattern of movement for all vertebrates, you release tension and decompress your joints, in stillness and in movement. When posture is balanced and movement is more efficient, pain and strain are lessened and you experience an overall sense of lightness.

As a mind-body practice of self care, the Alexander Technique is more about un-doing what doesn’t work than about adding new rules and exercises. You will practice the principles in any exercise or activities you already do, and find that it boosts your skill and performance.

Pain caused by postural habits, like slouching or trying to “stand up straight,” or by injury compensations, can be relieved by learning to de-compress and release unnecessary muscular tension. Tuning in to your body’s signals, you can learn to calm your own nervous system, rebalance from stressful situations, build your capacity for presence, and respond with more choice.

Constance Clare-Newman has been teaching this unique hands-on method for over 15 years. Constance is a highly trained (1800 hours) professional who teaches private lessons and group classes in Palm Springs, CA., and in Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA in the summers, and travels for workshops.

People do not decide their futures; they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.

— F. M. Alexander